CogMed Training

What is CogMed?

It is a a unique mental health service, evidence-based program is for anyone (all ages) with working memory concerns from birth or through an acquired brain injury.

What is working memory?

Working memory involves keeping information in your mind for a short amount of time while using that information in your thinking. It affects attention, concentration, impulsivity, organization, academic success, and hyperactivity. Working memory allows us to manipulate information, delegate task relevant responses, block out unnecessary information, and keeps us updated on what's happening (which allows us to focus). 

Why choose CogMed?

  • CogMed combines cognitive neuroscience with innovative computer game design and close professional support which may result in substantial and lasting benefits. 

  • CogMed is fundamental cognitive training, not skills learning: CogMed does not teach you new skills. It helps you create a platform for learning skills. The concept of neuroplasticity, the idea that the brain can reorganize itself and change, is what allows CogMed to effectively change the way the brain functions to perform at its maximum capacity. There are many training programs for various skills such as reading, math, or time management. Cogmed acts on a different, more fundamental level. Once your working memory has improved, you may find that acquiring new skills is much more doable for you. 

  • CogMed includes easy-to-use software and professional, individualized support. CogMed is an empirically-supported intervention with extensive research supporting its efficacy. This includes placebo-controlled clinical studies published in peer-reviewed professional journals. It has been validated by independent researchers and presented at leading neuropsychology conferences worldwide. CogMed Working Memory Training is supported by a great deal of published research. It uses adaptive technology to adjust to each individual user for maximal training effects.

  • CogMed allows the individual to train on their own schedule without having to visit the clinician’s office, which is especially beneficial during this pandemic.

  • This web-based training is available using a Mac, PC, or tablet.