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Postdoctoral Resident

Dr. Derek Gosman received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University. He completed his doctoral internship at the Youth Opportunity Center in Muncie, IN. Dr. Gosman's approach to individual therapy focuses on building a positive client-therapist rapport and adapting to the specific needs of each client. For family counseling, he uses a structured approach that focuses on overall patterns in family interactions. Dr. Gosman serves a wide range of client populations, including adolescents (ages 14+) and adults with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and other presenting problems. Dr. Gosman uses a comprehensive approach to psychological assessment and is experienced in the areas of dementia, traumatic brain injury, ADHD, and other psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Gosman enjoys working with teenagers, LGBTQA+ individuals and families.

Derek Gosman, Ph.D., HSPP

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