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  • Hannah Donlan, M.S.

Virtual Learning: Tips and Tricks That May Outlast the Pandemic

Many children, adolescents, and families are working through the woes of virtual learning. No one signed up for this daunting task when 2020 began; however, this is the position we find ourselves in.

As students and parents continue to work on balancing these constant changes, here are a few tips and tricks to help keep you and your family motivated.

Set daily goals and write them down

While this seems like a simple tip, it can become very useful for both you and your family. Positive affirmations and goal setting have shown to help boost productivity as well as one’s own self-image. Try setting your daily goal during breakfast, keeping goals realistic and manageable for the day's tasks, and even set your own goals! Writing down these goals is establishing you and your child’s intentions on completing those goals. In a way, writing the goal down makes it more real than simply mentioning it at breakfast.

Setting up a separate workspace

Many adults find it difficult to separate home and work life, even before the stay at home order began. Now think how your student feels. Students normally experience separation to the umpteenth degree between their home life and their school life. To help ease this transition help your student set up a designated desk area that is unique to use only during school times and school times only. This will help create a mental separation between this area and areas meant for relaxation and home-time activities.

Brain Breaks with Movement

Kelly Kapoor from the Office had an excellent point when she argued the fact that individuals who smoke take breaks throughout the day while she would be given a look of confusion if she simply got up from her desk to go enjoy the weather outside for a few minutes. Great programs like Go Noodle are available to provide movement breaks throughout the day. Go Noodle is a video-based program with dance and sing along songs. YouTube is another great option for those who desire a dance break. A walk or bike ride are also great ways to get some of that extra energy out and keep the brain working as sharp as a tack. With the weather turning colder here are a few other great movement break ideas!

Catch them being good! Provide Encouragement

Disciplining a child and making sure they are aware of their missed assignments is something parents tend to think of when we mention “keeping up with their school-work.” It is important to remember to take time to pay attention to when your student is doing well! Making it to class by keeping track of when their Zoom calls are going on throughout the day is a new adventure for them. They may not be particularly impressed with themselves at the end of the day, or they may find themselves relieved that they had made it to all those classes! Encouraging them and showing your pride in their ability to continue to work through this change is paramount. This encouragement will foster a sense of confidence in your student that you will see blossom well beyond the days of virtual learning. Remember this is their first time doing this as well; no one is an expert on this stuff.

Contact us to book an appointment if you would like more personalized tips and help to focus on struggles happening both in an out of the classroom. We currently have immediate availability.

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