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What To Know Before Attending a Driving Safety Evaluation

What to have when you come for your appointment:

Valid Operator’s License or Learner’s Permit (Sherrie can communicate with BMV prior to road test if license has been suspended or revoked to allow for completion of the test).

List of medications

Past medical history information

Glasses/contacts (if applicable)

Hearing aids (if applicable)

Mobility devices (if applicable)

The Driving Evaluation Process

In-clinic evaluation (60-90 minutes)- This assessment uses standardized and performance-based skills testing to ensure your visual, cognitive processing, memory, and reaction time skills are adequate for driving safety. Tests will be thoroughly explained and feedback will be immediately provided.

On-the-road evaluation- This assessment will include a ~50 minute drive in the site vehicle (Ford Explorer. This drive will include varying driving environments pertinent to each client (I.e interstate, roundabouts, construction, etc.). Feedback will be immediately provided following completion.

Driving lessons- If you require vehicle modifications (I.e. hand controls, left foot accelerator, steering devices) you will need to participate in on-the-road driving lessons to ensure you can safely operate the vehicle. The number of lessons vary depending on the diagnosis and equipment needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I do not pass the driving evaluation? Recommendations and feedback will be immediately provided upon completion of the evaluation and alternate options will be discussed if needed

Why can’t use my own vehicle? You will need to drive the clinic vehicle (Ford Explorer) as it is equipped with safety equipment to allow the evaluator to intervene if needed to ensure safety.

Do I need to study for the in-clinic portion? No, the tests are standardized and require no preparation.

Who would benefit from a driving evaluation? Anyone! You might want to take the test if you: want to make sure your skills are still within a safe range, have had a medical status change and want to return to driving, and if you need a modification to your vehicle to allow you to continue safely driving.

Is this evaluation covered by my insurance? No, unfortunately insurance companies deem this evaluation “not medically necessary”, thus private pay is required.



“I have had the honor and privilege of counting Sherrie Waugh as a colleague for almost 5 years. Providing quality care to complex older adult patients, many of whom live daily with cognitive disorders, is a rewarding challenge. One of the most important elements of providing that care, but also most challenging, is anticipatory safety guidance. Working with Sherrie toward answering questions about driving safety in particular has enhanced my ability to more confidently and objectively provide patient-centered recommendations. Even though Sherrie and I are often delivering difficult news to patients and families, we are able to provide comfort and closure without all the blame being placed on concerned family members or other invested parties. Most patients and families I have sent to work with Sherrie have returned to me with glowing feedback about her warm rapport and constant professionalism. Sherrie's services are a blessing to my patients and their families, as well as to our community at large.”

“I want to thank you again for the excellent job you do and the timely manner you get results to me. I am so glad you are doing what you are doing.”


“Having suffered a left cerebellar stroke, I was not allowed to drive until I passed an examination and “Behind the Wheel” driving evaluation. I was advised to contact Sherrie Waugh, at The Brain Center for testing and a detailed evaluation. The first hour was in the office testing and assessing reaction times, memory, physical, cognitive and visual skills. Each item was explained in detail and what we hoped to accomplish. The 2nd hour was behind the wheel assessment, driving a Ford Explorer. This was an excellent test of my driving skills, and the instructions/directions were easy to follow. I would highly recommend this driving evaluation process to everyone.”

“We really enjoyed working with Sherrie. She was patient and kind while still encouraging our daughter to push past her fears of driving. We highly recommended Sherrie!”

“I'm so grateful we got the opportunity to work with you. My husband had been through a lot this last year and he was really looking forward to getting back to some things he enjoyed doing. To be able to be back on the rode driving made him feel like himself again. You were very patient and encouraging I would recommend you to anyone who's needing this opportunity. Thank you again. We really appreciate everything you have done for us.”

“When I first experienced health problems, I panicked. I did not want to lose my independence and have to rely on someone to drive me everywhere I needed to go, so I checked out options. Eventually I got hooked up with Sherrie. She was the right combination of push and humor. She talked me through what was going to happen and I, of course, disagreed with her. My mistake. She was right. After each session, I felt just that much stronger and more confident. And she made it fun. Thank you so much.”

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