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Insurance, Fees & Financial Policies

Credit Cards:
You are required to keep a valid, non­expired, working credit card on file at all times for fees, co­pays and services, regardless of insurance status. Our EHR, inSync, will not allow booking, confirming, or checking in for appointments without one on file. If you are primarily using an HSA/FSA for payments, you will also be required to keep a secondary, backup credit card on file, as these accounts do not always have enough funds for your fees. All costs associated with sessions are due at the time of service and will typically be billed within 24­-48 hours after your scheduled session through our electronic health record, Insync. For testing services, we require a $250 scheduling fee upfront to schedule the appointment. We issue an invoice and bill the card on file for the balance when we receive the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from insurance. If there is a credit on the account, it will be issued within 7­-10 business days. Cash and checks will be accepted. We also accept Care Credit for clients who qualify. Fees for services rendered are non­refundable.

Good Faith Estimates:
The Brain Center is required by federal law to provide a good faith estimate for all clients who are uninsured, out­of-­network, or opt out of using insurance benefits. Our policy is such that we will provide this estimate to you before your first scheduled appointment to ensure there are no surprises with costs related to services rendered at our practice.

No­-Show & Late­-Cancellations:
The appointment time for which you are scheduled is especially for you. Our clinicians have a limited caseload to ensure that there is time and energy to plan for sessions and to ensure they can be fully focused on you and your needs. The Brain Center has a 24­ hour (therapy sessions) and 72­ hour (testing services) cancellation policy. It is your responsibility to cancel via appropriate channels (i.e., confirmation text Y/N, messaging portal, voicemail, or email correspondence) in a timely manner. If you do not cancel your appointment by the appropriate time or no­-show, you will automatically be billed the non­refundable fee as outlined below. You are considered a no­-show at 10­ minutes past your scheduled appointment time (or 20 minutes for all­-day testing services) without contact.
Please do not reply to the confirmation text service, other than what is instructed, because we will not receive it and you will be considered a no­-show or late­-cancel. If you show past your scheduled time, you may be asked to reschedule and charged the fee. If we are able to reschedule your appointment within the same week, we will not charge you for your missed appointment. We will review specific situations individually regarding illness or other unpredictable challenges, and ultimately charging no­-show and late-cancel fees related to
therapy sessions are at your provider’s discretion for the first no­-show or late-cancel. All no­-shows and late­cancellations for testing services will forfeit the $250 no­-show/late­--cancel scheduling fee that is not billable to insurance. You will be required to pay an additional $250 scheduling fee to secure another appointment time.

Damage to Clinic Property:
If you or your child damage any clinic property, you will be provided with an invoice to repair or replace item(s) and the card on file will be charged.

Payment Plans & Collections:
The Brain Center does not allow payment plans. We reserve the right to suspend therapy services for clients who have a balance on their account and send to collections any unpaid balances for 60 days or more. If your card on file is declined, we will continue making attempts to collect the balance. If for any reason your account is 14 days overdue, The Brain Center will resend your invoice requesting that the balance be paid in full and will follow up at 30 days, 45 days, and 60 days. When your account is 60 days overdue, The Brain Center may opt to send your account to collections in an effort to recoup your owed balance. We require a social security number on file in order to send unpaid balances to collections. If your unpaid balance is sent to collections, you will also be billed for any and all collection fees (approximately 30% of balance). We utilize the collections agency, GLA Collection. Note: Once a collection account is added to your credit report, your credit score could be damaged for up to seven years.

Payment Disputes:
If you dispute a charge from The Brain Center, after services are rendered, information will be sent to your credit card company or bank to prove services were provided and that you agreed to pay for these services. You will remain responsible for payment for services and any dispute fees charged by your credit card company or bank and/or our electronic health record, Insync/Easy Pay, will be charged immediately upon notification of a formal dispute. We are always willing to discuss fees and charges as issues or questions arise. Disputing charges through your credit card company or bank will result in immediate termination from our practice as
the therapeutic relationship will be irreparable.
We will refer you to the Community Mental Health Center nearest your home of record.

Our practice is in network with most major insurance companies as well as most Medicaid plans. Verification of benefits are not always accurate. After we receive your Explanation of Benefits (EOB), you may owe more or less than originally quoted. We will attempt to collect any balance owed at that time.It is your responsibility to understand your insurance plan. If we owe you a refund, we will give you the option to keep this as a credit toward future co­pays or be issued a refund. If a refund is requested, we make every effort to issue this via check or Insync within 7­-10 business days. For in­-network clients, The Brain Center will provide you with an estimated cost of services related to co­pay, co­insurance and/or deductible, if requested, which is based on the known contracted rate agreement we have with your insurance company. This is only an estimation. For testing services, your final cost may be more or less than originally quoted and invoices will be adjusted as necessary. If there is any credit remaining on your account after receiving the final EOB, it will be issued within 7­-10 business days. It is ultimately your responsibility to understand your insurance plan. Tele­-behavioral health services are billed at the same rate as in office visits. Insurance companies do not always cover this service. Based on your coverage, this
service will work the same as the aforementioned policies and payment is expected at time of service. You reserve the right to opt out of insurance billing. Please notify The Brain Center of this decision and we can provide an opt­-out form. You will be billed the full rate and payment will be expected at time of service. If you opt out of insurance billing, you may choose to bill insurance later, but all past sessions will not be reimbursed or re­-billed to your insurance company. You will be required to complete an opt­-in form before we can resume billing insurance for sessions. You are responsible for all charges not covered by insurance, including denials and clawbacks, even after services have been terminated with us. Your diagnosis code or type of therapy may be denied by insurance and you will be responsible for all remaining fees. Insurance does not always cover couples or premarital counseling, or ADHD/Autism diagnoses, and you may be responsible for the provider’s full fee. If you schedule more than one therapy appointment on the same day, insurance will not cover both. If you are seeing more than one provider for individual therapy, insurance will likely not cover all sessions with all providers. It is important that you let us know of any additional therapy appointments you have so we can coordinate care in such a way to avoid additional out­-of-­pocket expenses for your behavioral health care, if possible.

Secondary Insurance:
If you have a secondary insurance plan, you must notify The Brain Center immediately. You will need to contact your secondary insurance company to complete a Coordination of Benefits (COB) in order for your provider to bill both insurance plans. Failure to do so will result in your secondary insurance not being billed and you will be responsible for the outstanding balance. We will not back bill for past sessions if you did not execute a COB with your insurance company. If your secondary insurance is Medicaid, we may have to submit a prior authorization request for services and they may deny coverage. If that happens, you will be responsible for what
your primary insurance does not cover.

Out-­of-­Network Clients:
The Brain Center can provide you with a superbill to file claims on your own. If superbills are requested for ongoing therapy sessions, they will be sent monthly. You will be billed our full rate and reimbursed based on your insurance plan guidelines. You will be expected to pay this fee at time of service. Your insurance company may not reimburse the full rate for services provided, and could reimburse at a Usual/Customary Cost of Reimbursement (UCR) rate that will be unknown to us. Refunds will not be provided for any difference in cost between our rate and your insurance company. For self-pay clients, you will be billed the full rate and payment
will be expected at time of service.

Prices are guaranteed on a session­by­session basis and are reviewed annually. If our fees are expected to change, we will provide notice by December 15th with an effective date of January 1st of the following year.

Licensed Doctoral Level Providers­ HSPP
• 100­-minute neurobehavioral status examination: $400
• 60­-minute psychological testing intake: $250
• 60­-minute intake session (53­-60 minutes): $225
• 45­-minute therapy session (38­-52 minutes): $175
• 60­-minute therapy session (53­-60 minutes): $200
• 75­-minute therapy session (self­-pay only): $250
• Neuropsychological Evaluation: $3000
• Veteran Compensation & Pension Evaluations (Dr. Krowel only): $1250
• Psychological Evaluations: $1500

• Educational Consultation: $250 per hour (including travel and attendance)

Licensed Masters Level Providers­ LMHC, LCSW, LMFT
• 60­-minute intake session (53­-60 minutes): $200
• 45­-minute therapy session (38­-52 minutes): $150
• 60­-minute therapy session (53­-60 minutes): $175
• 75­-minute therapy session (self­pay only): $225

Pre­Licensed & Associate Providers­ Postdoctoral Fellow, LMHCA, LSW/MSW, LMFTA/MFT
• 60­-minute intake session (53­-60 minutes): $150
• 45­-minute therapy session (38­-52 minutes): $100
• 60­-minute therapy session (53-­60 minutes): $125
• 75­-minute therapy session (self­pay only): $175
• Neuropsychological Evaluation: $1250 (Pre­Licensed Doctoral Providers only)
• Psychological Evaluations: $750 (Pre­Licensed Doctoral Providers only)

Student Interns & Providers
• 60­-minute intake session (53­-60 minutes): $40
• 45­- or 60­-minute therapy session (38­-60 minutes): $30
• Psychological Evaluations: $300 (Doctoral­Level Practicum Student Trainees Only)

Occupational Therapy Driving Services
• 90­-minute in­-clinic assessment: $175
• 60­-minute road evaluation: $200
• 60­-minute driving lesson: $150 (special discounted pricing for packages of 5 or 10 driving lessons)

Clinical Email and/or Phone Correspondence:
After 15 minutes, all clinical phone calls and emails are billed at your provider’s normal full hourly rate, in 15­minute increments. This time is not covered by insurance and will be billed to you. This does not apply to calls/emails about canceling or rescheduling appointments.

Documentation Fees:
Completion of treatment letters, correspondence with outside providers, FMLA documentation, printing/scanning/faxing of your treatment record are typically done within 10 business days and incur a cost of $25 per 15­-minutes of preparation, with a 15­-minute minimum. If you need this documentation to be expedited (within five business days), there will be an additional $25 fee assessed. All documentation fees are required to be paid at time of service.

No­-Show & Late­-Cancellation Fees:
No­-show or late­-cancellation of your scheduled appointment will result in the following fees:
• Therapy intakes and appointments: $100
• Therapy intakes and appointments with student providers: $40/intake & $30/sessions
• Occupational therapy driving evaluation services: $150
• Occupational therapy driving lessons: $100
• Testing services: Forfeiture of the required $250 scheduling fee and an another $250 scheduling fee will be required to secure another time.

Unfortunately, these fees cannot be billed to insurance and will be your responsibility, and charged at time of no-show or late­-cancellation.

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