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Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a form of creative therapy that utilizes therapy animals to provide goal-directed therapy to individuals. AAT can be used with various psychological, emotional, developmental, cognitive, motivational, or physical concerns.

Any fear of live animals should be reported BEFORE treatment starts so proper precautionary measures can be taken and appropriateness determined. 

As our therapy animals are a vital part of our counseling team, we hope that you are comfortable with their presence in our office and in your sessions. As long as they are feeling up for it, they are ready to be snuggled and loved. 

Please note: We never make our therapy animals participate.


Meet Aila (pronounced "ay luh").

Her name means "from the strong place," which is pretty fitting given that she resides in a mental health clinic to help our clients find their inner strength. 

Aila is a Mini Rex. She is literally one of the most loving and docile breeds out there. She loves to snuggle and be petted. She is the softest and her fur feels like velvet! 

Aila is available for all clients, as long as she (and you or your child) feels up for it. 

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